[#][F] Eric Minton - 2/7/2019
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A question about this. When it comes to the assumption of 'always Anathema', would it be reasonable to assume that they just very clearly notate the signs of Solars and Lunars and their caste marks then...I guess just go 'any other Exalted may not be as blessed as the Dragon-Blooded, but like gods have a part to play in our world'?

Just trying to guess kind of how if a young peasant child went up to an Immaculate monk after seeing anything from a Chosen of Battle to an Exigent in service of a local river god asking questions would be answered.
The world is full of supernatural entities whose presence and activities aren't sanctioned by the Immaculate Philosophy, but which aren't necessarily so troublesome to the Perfected Hierarchy as to warrant extermination. An Exigent or other unidentified Exalt should be reported to a monk, but only those who bear the signs of Lunar or Solar Exaltation are innately considered to be,Anathema.

Basically, by default Exigents (like god-blooded) and other non-Dragon-Blooded Exalted are seen by the Immaculates as the result of inappropriate congress between gods and mortals, but can atone for their inauspicious creation through noble service. But they have no innate role in the well-being of creation; they can easily go astray, and those whose evil deeds draw sufficient condemnation may be dubbed Anathema on an individual basis.