[#][F] The Demented One - 2/8/2019
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So using the good ole' soup metaphor.
How do the martial artists from WFHW and Fangs consume their soup?
The Immaculate Dragon styles team up to eat one giant bowl of soup, each using their own different techniques.

Golden Janissary style seeks out the most wicked soups and imprisons it within their belly.

Mantis style forces its soup into a joint lock and breaks its arm. Then it drinks it.

White Veil style has a pleasant conversation with a stranger drinking soup. By the time they leave, the stranger's bowl is inexplicably empty.

Centipede style is either unpleasant or adorable to watch eating soup, depending on how well you tolerate centipedes.

Falcon style gets up on the top floor of the restaurant and then jumps down onto the soup.

Laughing Monster pulls an imp out of its soup, then tosses it into someone else's bowl.

Swaying Grass Dance makes you think it's dancing, but really? It's eating soup.