[#][F] The Demented One - 2/12/2019
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So, you mean something like:
As soon as the Usurpation happened, there was then loads of wars as the Shogunate established itself.
Sha's Oka exalted like 20 years after the Usurpation (when there'd been 20 years of war).
The Caul vanished 40 years after the Usurpation.

(Doesn't have to be these exact years, but that's the general idea of what you were going for?)

Something like that? I just got the impression from his description that these wars had been going on for a long time after the Usurpation by the time he Exalted, but also that the Caul (and him) disappeared a short time after the Usurpation.
The exact numbers might be different, and there may have been some lag time before the wars got started, but you've got the basics.