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Figured I'd ask this again since it seems to have gotten lost in the Lunars Kickstarter hubbub (in the middle of reading Chapter 1, by the way):

The Solar Athletics Charm Mountain-Crossing Leap Technique states that the character must succeed at a disengage action before it can be activated if there are enemies in close range. Since this is a Simple Charm, it cannot be placed in a flurry ("with anything" is how I read that). The text indicates that this is intended to be usable with opponents around; otherwise, I'd assume that a disengage needs to be succeeded at on the previous turn with no opponents around.

Should this Charm have an implicit flurry-compatibility with the disengage action, or does it create a reflexive disengage action, or am I misinterpreting something about the Charm and/or the mechanics?
You make it as part of using the Charm—essentially, reflexively.

Additionally, I don't believe this has been answered explicitly: do Thunderbolt Attack Prana and Leaping Tiger Attack not require a disengage action to use if you have an opponent in close range, or do they implicitly require you to not have opponents in close range (unless you had One Extra Step) since you would otherwise need to take a disengage action (using up your movement action for the round)? I suspect that they don't based on your comments of how the disengage requirement only affects the reflexive move action and not other movement actions created by Charms, but I wanted to be double-sure.

The requirement to disengage doesn't apply to the movement created by those Charms.