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Chapter One of the Fangs at the Gate preview reiterates the info from the core book that the Solar Bond derives from magically blessed marriages to secure peace between Solars and Lunars in the First Age. This marriage-alliance explanation seems like a good possible story for how the deep bond between an individual Solar and Lunar might have come to be, even a good default explanation if the setting needed one despite all of the deliberate vagueness that now surrounds the First Age.

My question is, were all of these original bondings necessarily marriages? Or were at least some of them other types of spiritually profound vows of devotion, like blood-brothers or master-student bonds? I kind of like the idea of a Lunar warlord adopting a young solar whose mortal parents (and previous incarnation) were killed in the conflict, as a gesture of penitence for their conduct during the war. Just the option of something platonic would be nice, for those who would rather not envisage that romance (or perhaps any romance) as being part of their character's history, but still want to explore some of the many, many other stories you can tell with the Solar Bond. More than that, it's a question of having agency in establishing your character's past. Obviously the golden rule applies, but I'm asking about the setting as written because it sets the tone for the fandom.

TL: DR: Does my Solar absolutely have to be my spouse from a previous life, or can I nope that without having to opt out of having a Solar bond-mate altogether?
I'm sure there's room for at least one that didn't originate with a marriage, even if the majority did.