[#][F] The Demented One - 2/14/2019
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So, Warm-Faced Seduction Style allows a DB to instill someone with a Minor Tie of lust along with a persuade roll to seduce them.

Does using WFSS allow the DB to seduce someone in one roll even if they initially had no Intimacies that he could exploit, by simultaneously creating and taking advantage of the new Tie? Or does the persuade attempt still need to be based on a pre-existing Intimacy?
The latter.

On a related note: if the DB is using WFSS to seduce someone who already has a Minor Tie of lust towards him, can he use this roll to increase the Tie to Major (assuming there's another Minor Intimacy available to support the increase, per the usual rules)? Or does WFSS only instill Minor Ties (which is how I'd read the strict wording of the Charm)?
Again, the latter.