[#][F] The Demented One - 3/16/2019
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I have a slightly weird question, but it's something that came up in a game.

Can you use the Sacred Hunt to take a form that's not not your target's natural form? For example, gaining the form of a Tyrant Lizard by hunting a Lunar shapeshifted as a Tyrant Lizard?

And, if yes, can you gain an animal or human form by targeting an invalid target who's in a valid form?

This is the specific example; In 2nd ed, my Lunar acquired the shape of his Solar Mate. But he did it by sleeping with what he thought was his Solar Mate, but who was actually a Fox-Raksha who had copied the Solar Mate's form in order to trick him (because he'd broken up with another Fox-Raksha after his evil identical twin... well, it's a long story).

Now, in 2nd ed I had the knack to get Raksha forms anyway, so it doesn't matter. But would it work in 2nd ed? The form he got was a human form, but of course he got it via a Raksha.

Other examples might be, for example, an animal-god who has shapechanged into an animal form, or Mara when she's turned into a human.
The "Hunters Hunted" sidebar in Chapter 5 covers the general topic of taking a shapeshifter's forms through the sacred hunt. If you try to hunt a shapeshifting spirit, raksha, or other invalid target while it's in a human or animal shape, you can get that human or animal shape.