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Could you please clarify how recognizing something by scent works?

Animals have the Discerning Scent latent ability, which lets them identify one scent per purchase. Lunars could technically use this option, but it would get expensive quickly.

Solar's have scent libraries through Keen Taste and Smell Technique, which works on people you have significant intimacies towards, as well as any mundane scents you may have encountered. I thought that creating scent libraries would be how other charmsets handled human characters with a superhuman sense of smell, bu this doesn't appear to be the case.

Lunars have four scent charms that don't create a scent library:
Stricken Calf Scent to diagnose, track, or oppose Stealth
Spider and Rose Discernment to detect poisons, diseases, and other contaminants
Blood on the Wind to pierce anti-tracking magic
Inevitable Spoor Discovery for enhanced tracking

Prey's Scent Discernment creates a scent library for people with the same restrictions that Solars have for people. However, it doesn't record non-people smells.

How do Lunars and other non-Solar exalts handle learning how to identify things by scent?
Scent libraries aren't intended to be a universal mechanic. Recognizing a particular scent, if feasible for humans, could just be a (Perception + Awareness) roll, with a difficulty related to the nature of the scent — recognizing the smell of alcohol is probably difficulty 1, for example.