[#][F] The Demented One - 3/16/2019
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What happens if you use Peacock Shadow Eyes in the middle of a fight?

(This occurred to me mainly because it's only 7sm to cast, so it wouldn't be hard for an Exalted sorcerer to cast it in one action, making it potentially more combat-viable than many other spells.)

The trance breaks if someone attacks the victim of course, but let's assume it was a one-on-one fight or something. If someone was trying to punch you in the face before he looked into your glowing magical eyes, does he continue to attack you (sleep-fighting, one might say) or would he probably calm down and stop swinging as long as he was tranced? The "he can still act" thing is a little vague.
He can still fight, he just won't remember doing it.

Also, is it possible for the sorcerer to end the trance before the scene ends (other than by attacking the victim)? I can imagine situations where leaving needlessly long gaps in the victim's memory would be a problem.