[#][F] The Demented One - 4/14/2019
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For Rampaging God-Monster Empowerment, I want to be clear on the reroll mechanics when used against a crashed enemy: If, after you've rerolled all 1's until they cease to appear, one of your (Essence) failed dice comes up as a 1, would you not get to reroll it for free using the prior reroll mechanic? I have two different readings in my head for the "before" used there, either chronologically or as a way to convey that 1s rerolled during the damage roll don't count toward the (Essence) limit.
You reroll all 1s that show up, and they don't count towards your limit.

Also, when a Charm says that the Exalt "rerolls 1s" without specifying "until they cease to appear" (or any other caveat, for that matter), is "until they cease to appear" implied or should it be read that only those 1s from the original roll are to be rerolled?
If not specified, assume it means "until they cease to appear." We use it to be as clear as possible, not because there's a substantive difference.