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My last question got lost in the shuffle. So I'll re-ask in a different way and add in some new stuff to it.

How does forcing an opponent to reroll all their successes (like in Solar Resistance's Ruin-Abasing Shrug) interact with the dice-rerolling mechanics that the opponent had activated? More specifically:

Do they still get access to their "reroll Xs until Xs cease to appear" mechanics (my assumption is yes)?[*]If they had a "reroll four 1s" but only got to use three of those rerolls, do they get to use the remaining one reroll on the success reroll or was the opportunity lost?[*]If they have a "reroll a 1 for each 10 in the roll", do 10s in the success reroll trigger this, or must the number exceed the number of 10s in the initial roll in order to allow for additional 1-rerolls? (Reroll is starting to get very repetitive at this point. I'm sorry.)[*]"Reroll a 1 for each 10" again: if 3 10s were seen in the original roll but only two 1s came up to be rerolled, would the opponent get to reroll an additional 1 in the success-reroll, or was that opportunity lost once they ran out of candidates and had to roll those 10s away?

I also assume that they'd get access to their doubling mechanics as well, but I figured I'd mention it here just for completeness's sake.
The "Order of Operations" section on page 252 address this.