[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/16/2019
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Although I can't find it explicitly mentioned, I assume 10 of the houses (not Nellens) still have a particularly strong element, since they wear that element's colour and are described in very elemental terms "the fire that...", "the mountain that..." etc.

Obviously they do all contain Dragonblood of all 5 elements, but how strong is their element? (Generally. I assume Sesus and Cynis have less strong aspects than Mnemon.)

Are we talking like Cathak has 70% Fire, or 50% Fire, or 30% (ie only a slight preponderence)?
I tend to assume something like 60% of the house's associated Aspect and 10% of each other Aspect, but this will vary by house and household. (I'm considering the possibility of a sidebar on the subject in Heirs for houses and gentes and so forth, but Storytellers might be better off being free to decide for themselves? I'm undecided.)