[#][F] The Demented One - 5/17/2019
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So, I get that considering stretch goals for the Exigents KS is probably too far away to say much about, but, given that the core book lists five sample Exigents and you guys have said we’ll be getting four writeups, we’re clearly not getting at least one of them.

Assuming the KS does well, is it possible that the other Exigents listed in the Core will get full writeups in the companion? Like with enough info and charms that you could make your own Chosen of Masks or Venoms instead of just a QC entry?
Because of the length of the full Exigent write-ups and Charmsets, compared to the amount of wordcount afforded by each stretch goal, that's not a feasible option. That's not to say we won't have any stretch goals relating to them, but it won't be a full Charm set.

...Actually are the Exigents listed in the Core still viewed as good and interesting enough to do writeups about? I mean, they all sounded at least moderately interesting to me, but I can understand that in the time since it might have become apparent that there wasn’t as much that could be done with them as was once thought.