[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/17/2019
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So to my understnading, things like additional Martial Arts styles, or organizaitons are things you often will have kind of "banked" by the time the KS starts. These might even be of things folks know about ahead of time, but were not given a huge chunk of room in the initial book (Sublime Danger is an example of this).

Woudl it be possible that for a stretch goal to be for instance, a Chosen of Dice or Chosen of Masks, as an option, kind of like how the four new MA styles in Lunars were collectively one option? Or is a single extra Exigent bigger than even that wordcountwise?
Either I'm still not understanding your question correctly, or your understanding of the situation is incorrect. We do not write stretch goal material ahead of time. We didn't write up Sublime Danger in advance and then "bank" her for the Lunars Kickstarter companion volume; she hasn't been written up yet.

A single Exigent write-up, even with a really bare-bones Charm set, is significantly larger than a normal stretch goal. If we're able to do it, it'll involve spacing out stretch goals more widely than usual to compensate. E.g., instead of getting one stretch goal when we hit $X and another when we hit $Y, we'd get no stretch goal at $X and the bare-bones Exigent write-up at $Y. Or maybe skip $X and $Y and get the bare-bones Exigent write-up at $Z.

In any case, we'll continue to discuss specifics with the Onyx Path Kickstarter team and figure things out before the Exigent Kickstarter (if any).