[#][F] The Demented One - 6/12/2019
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Elemental Bolt Attack can be used with Thrown or Archery, and specifies that it can be enhanced with charms of those abilities.

However, I'm a bit uncertain which of the Thrown charms really make sense to be used with Elemental Bolt Attack. Can you highlight which ones you think should be?

For instance, Armor-Rupturing Fang doesn't seem like it would work since it's not a real weapon, while Venomous Thorn Attack seems strange to poison a bolt of pure Essence. Banishing a weapon with Invisibly Hidden Chakram Method doesn't seem likely, and if you can't do that then you can't use Mela's Twin Fangs. Would Persistent Hornet Attack make an heat seeking Elemental Bolt? What about impaling someone with Stone Needle Strike or making a massive wave of force with Thousand Razor Wind?

Several of these charms seem like they should in theory work even if they may not be working the exact way they're probably supposed to (Mela's Twin Fang, Thousand Razor Wind), but others I'm not clear if the magical Elemental Bolt makes it work out even though it's not technically viable.

Can you offer a little enlightenment on this?
If it's compatible with a Simple-type Charm and it doesn't mention needing a material projectile (I don't think any do), it's friends with Elemental Bolt Attack. Stunts can help fill any anything that feels like a logical gap.