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So, "The Yozi's Cannot Be Freed" is basically a metaphysical law of Creation now. Does the average demon worshipper (if such a thing exists) know this? And just how many cities have been destroyed by cultists who think they "found a loophole"?
The average demon cultist worships demons, not the Yozis. Direct veneration of one or more Yozis is going to be vanishingly rare, and of that small subset, even fewer are going to be concerned with freeing them.

Also, if the Yozis can't be freed, can they...

...drag Creation (or portions thereof) into Hell with them?

...reach out through the bars?

...throw things out at Creation? That is, non-Infernal Exalted things?

...stop being Yozis?
Rather than dancing through the semantics, I'd emphasize the design-level reasons why the Yozis can't escape.

As Grabowski noted back when Games of Divinity first came out, "the Yozis are escaping!" is the most obvious plot you can run with a bunch of apocalyptic god-monsters sealed away in a prison-hell. Explicitly stating that, no, that's not happening, is the best way to get people to consider using the Yozis for other narrative purposes in their games.

The other main reason is that focusing on big apocalyptic scenarios like "the Yozis are escaping!" means that anything that isn't a big apocalyptic scenario - stuff like local geopolitics, warring city-states, the ambitions of princes, stuff that's classic Exalted fare - becomes a footnote. We saw that with late Second Edition, and we don't want that to happen again.

If you want to test the limits of the restriction on the Yozis escaping, or just ignore it altogether, in your own game, that's absolutely fine, but it helps to understand the reason why that restriction is there.