[#][F] The Demented One - 6/13/2019
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So I have a question about Exigence, as in the Exigence itself. What is an Exigence, if I am the god of paperweights and The Unconquered Sun gave me one what does he give me? It has been stated it is can be stolen or sold so is it a object (or stored in a object)? Are they all unique or are the all similar?
Simply put, the Unconquered Sun bestows upon the petitioning god a portion of the Exigence, which a lesser god can use to create an Exaltation. We have spoken of these portions of the Exigence as divine fire. This is to some extent a metaphor, but it's a useful visual. They are not physical objects. A god can obtain one from another god through trade or theft, but it's not something that just anyone could pick up.

Could the other Incarnae make their own versions (and choose not to) of Exigence or is this something only Sol can do?
Go ask them!

Also what role does the Sidereals play in the lives of Exigents? Considering they have some sort of prison for ‘illegal’ ones in Pneuma under the Nail.
Monitoring illicit trade in Exigence and punishing gods involved is part of the Sidereals' remit, as if they didn't have enough to do already. The operation in Pneuma is much more an Immaculate Order thing than a Bureau of Destiny thing.