[#][F] The Demented One - 6/13/2019
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Have there been some drastic changes in what was revealed about Getimians or that we can assume that most of what we know (each containing a Loom of Fate, pattern spiders in their spine, yin/yang Essence based charmset, Getimian Alchemy, etc) is mostly still valid?
Largely, yes.

I'm not sure it was ever said they actually contain a Loom of Fate - that's not a literal thing, but a metaphor for the kind of things you can do with internal alchemy when you're a reality-warping demigod with pattern spiders nesting in your viscera.

Getimian Alchemy may be folded into Charms, or it may be distinct subsystem. At this point, it just depends on what the cleanest and most playable execution of the idea is.