[#][F] The Demented One - 6/14/2019
Is the Evasion bonus from Furiously Stalling Destiny only against 1 foe? It has a duration of 'until next turn' and nothing about it says the Evasion isn't just generally +1. However...

Her first attack against that enemy on or before her next turn
adds one die of post-soak damage if withering, or one die of damage if decisive. If she makes a
gambit, she adds an automatic success on the attack and Initiative rolls instead. The bonuses
from multiple uses of this Charm against the same enemy stack; they’re lost if the stylist attacks
a different enemy.

​This bit seems to suggest that it is meant to be used only against a single foe. Also, does the Evasion boost stack, or just the damage bonus against...well, whatever enemy this applies to?
Furiously Stalling Destiny is getting cleaned up in editing; its Duration should be Instant. The +1 Evasion bonus applies only against the attack you declare it against; the part that stacks is the damage bonus.