[#][F] Eric Minton - 6/27/2019
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Can households of any given house be found in any given Prefecture and Dominion? I am trying to figure out how unusual it would be for a Tepet and a Sesus household to be Arjuuf but I couldn't find anything that dealt with it.
It varies from prefecture to prefecture, but it's unusual for literally every single Dynastic household in any sizable prefecture to belong to the same Great House. A Great House's ancestral home typically leans heavily toward that house, such as Chanos Prefecture's Dynastic residents being mostly Sesuses, but even there you'll find exceptions for various reasons. And Arjuf Dominion is so large and rich and ancient and well-traveled that you'll find households from a variety of houses there; some are specifically called out in the Arjuf write-up in The Realm.