[#][F] The Demented One - 7/2/2019
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How well are Lunars intended to adapt to crippling injuries? If a Lunar loses both legs is it intended that all modes of locomotion across all forms be impacted or just ground movement? Having lost both legs, will a Lunar still be able to fly as a bird? How does a lost limb impact forms that do not normally possess that limb (for example: losing a leg then shifting into a snake form, or losing your wings in a bird form then shifting to human)?
If you have a limb severed in one form, that wound will "carry over" into other forms by affecting the limb that's the closest anatomical analogue, if one exists.

Can a new manifestation of the Extra Limbs mutation replace amputated limbs?
Functionally yes, although I think of "I grow a third arm, now I can juggle again!" as being a different thing than "I regrow that arm that was cut off!"