[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/8/2019
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I might of missed this earlier, but is there going to be more information on the Realm's restriction on mortal explloration of the West, and thet ransition to Wu-Jian as the main route there? The Realm book says that it happened in the last century, but the satrapy seems to have been a known location for a few?
The West was hard to access because the prevailing winds and currents hadn't been well-charted, and the routes were obstructed by monsters, hostile spirit courts, and the like. Daring Exalted heroes were able to bring ships to and from the West despite these obstructions. It was a century ago that the Realm charted and cleared some trade lanes to the point that mortal crews could reliably make the journey. We may spell this out more clearly in Eight Directions if word count allows.