[#][F] The Demented One - 8/1/2019
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When a Lunar has a spell as a control spell that changes their characters appearance in some way (like the iris change of Peacock Shadow Eyes, the pale mists of Keel Cleaves The Clouds or the devil-maw of Unslakable Thirst of the Devil-Maw), does this change persist over their different shapes?
Only for human shapes or also for animal shapes?
It carries over to all shapes.

If it does, doesn't that make sorcery highly unattractive to a Lunar wishing to actually appear as another person?
Should a charm like Subtle Silver Declaration hide any such control spell effects or is there a different charm for that purpose that I've missed?
You can use mundane disguises to conceal stuff like that, and disguise-enhancing magic to enhance that. Moreover, plenty of spells have control effects that don't change your appearance.