[#][F] The Demented One - 8/12/2019
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What rules would you use for targeting in combat a tiny creature being carried by a human-sized person, where the human sized creature is more narratively relevant? Would it make sense for there to be charms to help defend othering the tiny creature, or mechanics that inherently do that? The closest I can see Quicksilver Steed Unity's protean effect, which I don't think works in a humanoid form.

In particular, I'm imagining a lunar with witch-beast ascendancy on a mouse or something wanting to take advantage of the mouse casting spells in a fight, but not leave the mouse vulnerable with its mostly mouse-like physical stats. I guess the lunar could just use Ferocious Beast-Guardian Stance, but that feels vaguely unsatisfying to me.
I think if a mouse is blasting off Deaths of Obsidian Butterflies, it's narratively relevant enough that the Lunar needs to be taking defend other actions if they want to provide protection above and beyond what Tiny Creature itself provides.