[#][F] The Demented One - 8/12/2019
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i got graceful wicked masques,may i ask do the fair folk in 3e differ in many way from the ones described in this book?
Probably yes. It's been long enough since I read Graceful Wicked Masques that I can't recall precisely how great a divergence Ex3's vision of the Fair Folk represent from its articulation.

also,i'm having a teensy bit of trouble understanding the creation of creation. as i understand,first there was the wyld,,then the primordials created the world,then the primordials pissed of the gods,the gods created Exalted to beat the primordials. Some primordials became yozis,and some became neverborn.
i'd like to know
1) Did i get that right?

2)Did the primordials create the world from the essence of the wyld?
I think every depiction in the past has had Creation being shaped from the Wyld. We probably won't change that, but honestly, the specifics don't matter.