[#][F] Eric Minton - 9/3/2019
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So, are the Neverborn explicitly straight up inert nonactors incapable of anything or is it going to be somewhat ambiguous whether or not they're constrained 100% of the time by their condition. Like, is all the weird stuff in the Labyrinth just the metaphysical equivalent of the smell of meat going bad or is it more alien and incomprehensible?
The Neverborn are not lucid, but I don't think that "inert" is necessarily the right term. They are dead and dreaming, and occasionally lash out in their unending death throes. They may have flashes of awareness, but they aren't alien schemers actively plotting the death of reality.

Whether or not there is still a Labyrinth, and other specifics of how the Underworld works, are things that we're waiting to hammer out when we start development on Abyssals.