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Are Panoply Charms still a thing, or are they Replaced by Gods instead knowing Evocations? Or can Spirits not learn Evocations because of Panoply Charms?
If I recall correctly, Panoply Charms were largely a workaround for designing powerful, unique Spirit Charms without allowing Eclipse Caste Solars to purchase them. In 3e, I think that the Eclipse Keyword and the nonuniversality of Spirit Charms have largely rendered Panoply Charms obsolete.

Spirits can learn Evocations. "Gods, demons, fae, and other un-Exalted beings capable of attuning to artifacts normally don’t harmonize with any of the magical materials. Weaker entities are dissonant, while stronger beings — such as Second Circle Demons, nephwracks, or raksha nobles — have a neutral affinity. Many exceptions to this general rule are found in Creation, and the Storyteller always has final say on what level of power an un-Exalted character can evoke." — Arms of the Chosen, p. 17.

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If I were to design NPCs without the QC rules would it be out of line to have Attributes for beings like spirits go past 5 but keep Skills hardcapped at 5 as a universal rule?
I don't see Abilities as being more important to cap than Attributes? Mostly, I'd watch to make sure that overly high dice pools (especially attack pools) don't result in unexpectedly dangerous opponents. Specifically, in Adversaries of the Righteous development, Vance has advised making sure that Dexterity and combat Ability ratings don't go above 5.