[#][F] The Demented One - 9/4/2019
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If this is the case, I'm assuming that means the perception of Resonance as a punishment of the Neverborn for "sins of life" and the like is basically completely out?
"Resonance" is being conceptually replaced by the Great Curse, which the Abyssals still suffer from in Ex3. The ways in which it manifests will still be similar to 1E's Resonance, but it's not direct and conscious punishment from the Neverborn.

I'd assumed the mechanic would be significantly overhauled, but I'm curious if 3E Abyssals really have any direct concern by default with the Neverborn, or if that's more the realm of the Daybreaks and Midnights while a Dusk might deal more directly with their Deathlord.
Any Abyssal could choose to make the Neverborn their concern, but it's not something all of them do by default.