[#][F] The Demented One - 9/4/2019
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So I have already asked this question to people of the forum but not here, and their response satisfied me until one day I realised I feel it was not consistent with other Charms effects or magical effects in the game.

What should be the effect of a threatening action in a standard situation, ie the threatening character did something cool (anima burning, maybe broke 1 level of size of a battle group but they reformed, etc ...) without any Charm power and the battle group threatened by the character doesn't have "special" anti fear power or Defining intimacies of "I shall die in battle"? Because I swear every campaign someone tries to do that and I have no clue how to deal with as a ST.
I'm assuming that by "threatening action" you mean "doing something that's scary" rather than "making the type of social influence roll that is called specifically called 'threaten.'"

If a player wants to spend their whole turn Doing Something Scary to demoralize a battle group, you should probably just call for a social-influence-roll-specifically-called-threaten for them, and treat whatever scary stuff they did as a stunt. Otherwise, there's no inherent effect for it, although at the Storyteller's discretion it may raise the difficulty of the battle group's rout checks.