[#][F] The Demented One - 9/4/2019
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Can you use Become the Wave and Swift-Striking Tide in response to the same Distraction gambit?

If you did, would both count as the same "instant" for the purposes of achieving another level of anima banner? Or are they treated as two separate reflexive actions, and thus separate instances?
Same instant, as they both trigger off the same thing.

If you needed to disengage to use Become the Wave, and spent motes on Threshold-Warding Stance, would those two expenses be happening in the same instant?

Would motes spent on a grappling gambit, a control roll, and a savaging/throwing attack all count as the same instant, or separate instances?
If they're such that you declare them all at the same time, same instant. If you declare some at different times, different instants.

If you spend your turn on a Simple-type Charm that isn't an attack, do you still have "your attack for the turn" for effects that spend such a thing?
You can't use a Simple-type power up Charm and then attack on the same turn. If you have a Charm that lets you reflexively attack but uses up your attack for the round, then you could use the Simple-type power up and then use the Reflexive attack.