[#][F] The Demented One - 9/30/2019
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What does Unmoving Aurochs Defense actually do when you reflexively activate it as someone is trying to slam/throw you?

It clearly stops you from being moved across range bands but what are the mechanical implitcations of the fact you can't be moved?

1. Does it stop all damage from the slam/throw? (It seems like it would since a slam/throw is doing damage by moving you very fast into something and the charm stops you from being moved.)

1a. In that case does the guy trying to slam you still reset to base initiatve on a decisive slam?

1b. Do you get released after the failed slam/throw or are you still grappled?

2. If it doesn't stop damage from slam/throw, does it do anything but stop you moving across range bands?
All it does is stop you from being forcibly moved. Everything else, including damage, happens normally.