[#][F] The Demented One - 10/4/2019
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What are the limits of Speed the Wheel?

-Can you speed up only external organizations or also your own?
You don't have to lead the the organization, although you do have to be in a position to engage with it.

-Is it only for actual organizations or can any group engaging in organized labour benefit?
That strikes me as an illusory difference. You don't need a formal name or Articles of Incorporation to benefit.

-Is it only for cutting through "red tape" like in the 1000 years waiting list example, or does it also speed up actual work i.e. a project to build a house or chop down trees for lumber?
-At the most extreme, can a high Essence Solar essentially organize the creation, construction, provisioning, recruitment and training of an entire navy so that it all gets done "in minutes"?
It won't accelerate non-bureaucratic actions, like chopping down trees or crafting a ship. It could accelerate things like importing timber or convincing another nation to sell pre-existing ships to you.