[#][F] The Demented One - 10/4/2019
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It has to do with the famine question. Solars can make organisations carry out goals that take years into weeks or months. Solars can swing a sword so hard that they can wreck a mountain. Solars can heal so well a patient on the brink of death can get back to his feet within a day.

So let's say there's 100 people. The solar has 80 units of food. 1 person consumes 1 unit of food. So no matter what, no matter how well distributed, no matter how efficiently done... 20 people are going to go hungry.

A solar can be so good at swording he can conjure a sword out of thin air. A solar can be so good at running he can leap over running. A solar can be so good at crafting he can give a word, and iron ore will leap into the air to wring itself into steel.

Can a solar be so good at organising and at a famine relief, that he can magic resources out of thin air, or at least stretch resources and effectiveness beyond what is effectively possible? Can he, in effect, feed 100 people with only enough food to feed 80 people, on the basis of his skill in organising and coordination?
That doesn't seem like something that could make sense as an expression of Bureaucracy. The Solar bureaucrat might solve a famine by employing superhuman negotiations and logistics skills to import and distribute food at blistering fast speed. Other possibilities include a Solar master of Survival being able to hunt or forage food in the most inhospitable of environments, a Solar performer sustaining his people with a song that nourishes the body, or a Solar sorcerer conjuring up a tree laden with otherworldly fruits, but those examples wouldn't make sense in Bureaucracy.