[#][F] Chai Tea - 2/7/2013
Plague of Hats wrote:
Plague: If you have something like 50 hours to kill and want to watch one of the greatest LPs ever: http://chipandironicus.com/videos/mgs3/

Plague: It doesn't matter that it's a sequel, because MGS is all pseudo-philosophical nonsense anyway.

Liz: Have you seen the Cabela's Dangerous Hunts LP

Plague: Oh fuck yes!

Liz: :D

Liz: 3e Lunars

Plague: Haha.

Liz: I keep trying to get Holden to watch it, you must help me

Plague: Yesssss

Just FYI, the first part of the video is the prologue. You play as crazy old hunter dude's son, and during the tutorial level, he berates you for being a pussy city-slicker and sends you off to go kill an elk. When you finally finish it, he congratulates you and says you might just be worth it after all.

Then he tells you to cut out the elk's heart and eat it, while it's still hot.

It only gets crazier from there.