[#][F] Eric Minton - 11/1/2019
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I have some questions about the new necromancy spells in Adversaries of the Righteous. (Nice to see, Manda/Emily/Eric/Steffie!)
Honestly, these are all just placeholders; we didn't write up Necromancy years in advance. We'll figure out how it actually works during Abyssals development. The best I can do is tell you my intent when writing this particular QC; please don't take any of this as canonical or binding.[/QUOTE]

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Can a necromancer make multiple skulls to use Face of Bone through? So he can give one to each of his friends (necromancers are very popular, you know) and so forth? Like how you can make various tree faces with Spoke the Wooden Face?
Or are they limited to one at a time, and if they make a new one the old one no longer functions?
It's deliberately analogous to Spoke the Wooden Face.

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The example necromancer is Essence 2 and can animate a Size 2 group of zombies with Raise the Rotting Horde. Is it Size equal to your essence, or just 2? Ie is an Essence 1 necromancer limited to animating a Size 1 group while an Essence 5 necromancer can animate a Size 5 unit?
I used Essence as a benchmark, but I can't guarantee that nothing weird will happen if you scale it up to Size 5.

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Summon the Shadow-Eaten lets you summon a Mortwright or other monstrous ghost of Essence 1-3. Does "monstrous ghost" include War Ghosts?
And I assume that regular ghosts (Honoured Ancestors, the pissed-off but not insane murder victim we're investigating, the PC's grandma, a dead PC, etc) need a different spell?
The war ghost QC is just a regular ghost with combat-related Charms; I wouldn't define it or the Honored Ancestor QC as "monstrous." It's meant more for ghosts that are twisted or broken by unhale supernatural influences. But right now the specifics are up to the ST.