[#][F] The Demented One - 12/9/2019
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Moon-And-Sun Panoply allows you to learn evocations that your solar mate hasn't learned if used for the first time on an artifact you crafted for your solar mate.
It seems like this creates an incentive for a lunar making an artifact for themselves to think of some argument that they're making it for their solar mate, in order to get the evocations. How silly can this argument be before the charm stops working?
(I'm mainly imagining "I'm making this powerbow so it can kill your enemies. Since you don't know archery, you'll need someone to do pull the string back and aim and such. Conveniently, I know a person [me] who frequently works with you who knows archery, can use artifacts, but doesn't yet have an artifact bow".)
I trust Storytellers to be able to distinguish when someone is making something for someone else from bad faith efforts.

If you use Deadly Beastman Transformation and Moon-And-Sun Panoply simultaneously, what resonance level do you use evocations your solar mate knows at?
Neutral. Moon-and-Sun Panoply gives you Resonant access, Deadly Beastman Transformation drops that by one step.

If multiple sorcerers know travel without distance, with at least one as a control spell, which of the following are possible:
Sorcerer A teleports themselves and Sorcerer B. Sorcerer B then teleports themselves,
Sorcerer A teleports to Sorcerer B, who then teleports themselves and Sorcerer A,
Sorcerer A teleports themselves and person B to Sorcerer C, who then teleports themselves and person B?
All of those are possible, assuming the sorcerers trying to transport multiple people have it as their control spell. The penalty from multiple castings will stack, though.

Also, is the fatigue from being carried along based on your stamina or the sorcerer's?
Your Stamina.