[#][F] The Demented One - 12/9/2019
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1. What is the exact condition under which One Weapon, Two Blows may be used? Does the attack has to lower the value of enemy's Initiative below the value of attacker's Initiative from before the attack or does the final Initiative of the a
You have to attack someone whose Initiative is higher than yours at the time of the attack, and end up with an Initiative equal or higher to theirs after everything's done.

2. Can Twilight anima power of binding spirits as familiars be used in fight? If so, how to model touching a spirit? For example, is it a successful attack, a gambit, a grapple action?
Handling it as a gambit is probably the best approach.

3. In the description of Zenith anima power for materialising spirits, we read: " All spirits inherently recognize the Unconquered Sun’s authority in the priest-kings and are compelled as if by a Defining Intimacy[.]" Does it apply only in the context of the materialisation order or does it apply generally?
Just for purposes of that anima power.