[#][F] The Demented One - 12/11/2019
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If one of the Lunar characters learns Radiant Basilisc Jewel, they'll grow a Greater Hearthstone, but it can't be removed from their body. Can it be used to power a Warstrider?
I'd probably allow a lower-level project to modify the warstrider in a way that allows a Lunar pilot's embedded hearthstone to power it.

One of the other party members has his Hearthstone. Do they have to attune to it? Attune to the Manse? I can't find anything anywhere about needing to attune to Manses, so can you just pick up a Hearthstone and use it? There's precisely one Hearthstone that says you have to attune to it, the others don't.
You don't need to attune to a manse to benefit from its hearthstone.