[#][F] The Demented One - 12/19/2019
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The rules for combining different Martial Arts styles seem simple enough at a glance: you can only combine the Charms in an attack if your weapon of choice is compatible with all the styles involved.

What about Charms that don't involve attacking or otherwise using a weapon, though? Can you activate Celestial Tiger Hide and keep it going while you attack with a sword? Can you use Serpentine Evasion to dodge while you've got a firewand in your hands? Do you still get the soak benefits of Earth Dragon Form (though obviously not the dice bonus on attacks) if you're swinging a scythe around?

The impression I get from corebook p. 426 is that style weapons only limit the enhancement of attacks and Parry, but I thought I should double-check that this is the intent.
Your impression is correct.