[#][F] The Demented One - 12/19/2019
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WFHW questions:

One-With-Earth Embodiment: can you use it to move into an earthen structure within close range that inaccessible to your opponent, then move out to short range on your next turn without disengaging? Eg. you're fighting someone in a room with stone walls, use OWEE to move into the wall (you're moving away but staying within close range, so disengaging is not required), then walk out on the other side of the wall next turn (disengaging is not required as your opponent is unable to meaningfully oppose it).
They still get to oppose your disengage roll, although the Storyteller may want a good stunt to explain how they do that.

Flow With Strife: using it to negate damage completely counts as dodging the attack - does this mean the attacker loses Initiative as if they missed instead of resetting to base?
No. It only counts as a successful dodge for you.

Eternal Death-Banishing Blossom: this Charm deals (Init/2) damage in an AoE, but it doesn't involve making an attack action and the text doesn't say you reset to base after using it. Is this intentional, or was it meant to reset the user to base Initiative?
It's not a decisive attack and doesn't reset your Initiative.

Decisive damage reducers such as Earth Bears Witness and Ripples-on-Water Defense: when is the user supposed to announce them? The Aura benefit of Impervious Skin of Stone allows it to be used after being hit by an attack but before damage is rolled, implying the default behavior is "announced after being targeted by an attack". However, Bottomless Depths Defense explicitly calls out that it must be declared before the attack is rolled, implying that this is not the intended default behavior with abilities that negate decisive damage.
Before the attack roll unless otherwise specified.

Related: if a character uses, say, Earth Bears Witness to reduce a decisive attack's raw damage below her Hardness, is she allowed to decline applying Defense against the attack, ensuring that she is hit and forcing her opponent to reset to base?

Semi-related: can the Invulnerable Skin of Bronze's Invincible God-Metal Flash ability be used in the same instant as a Hardness-granting effect that is otherwise incompatible with armor? IGMF cancels ISoB, therefore causing the sorcerer to become unarmored, but it has to be resolved first, so this shouldn't be legal if all Charms enhancing the same action actually go off at the same time.
You can't declare something that's incompatible with armor while you're still wearing armor.

Rippling Water Strike: does the water aura effect replace the baseline (damage = [weapon] + [Strength] + [Dexterity]), or is it in addition to it (damage = [weapon] + [higher of Dexterity or Strength] + [Dexterity])?[
The former.

Flow Reversal Strike: if it incapacitates the opponent, does he still take withering damage, increasing the Immaculate's initiative upon resetting

If the former, what's the wound penalty of an incapacitated character?
Call it basically -4.

Finally, is the withering damage (wound penalty) points, or is it that many dice?
It's straight points, no roll.