[#][F] The Demented One - 1/6/2020
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What is the Immaculate view of the Unconquered Sun, generally speaking?

On one hand, he doesn't do the things that gods normally do to offend the Immaculate Order. He stays in Heaven and makes the sun cross the sky every day, and isn't out there trying to force or cajole mortals into worshiping him directly.

On the other hand, advanced Immaculates know that those damn Solar Anathema are his Chosen, right? Surely they can't be happy about that.

So what's the deal there? Do they see the Unconquered Sun as a largely noble god who mostly does his job well -- but he once made the terrible mistake of trying to turn men into heroes, only to discover that too much celestial power drove mortals mad?
The Unconquered Sun is seen as a prominent and significant god—one who stands perhaps just below the Elemental Dragons themselves among gods—though not one who merits or asks for worship. His connection to the Solar Exalted is known, but the circumstances that led to the creation of the Solar Exalted are not precisely defined in Immaculate orthodoxy, leaving room for what I'd imagine are some interesting theology debates.