[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/26/2020
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Now that Across Eight Directions is in development,
While it's technically in development insofar as second drafts have been turned in, we won't actually get a chance to start development until after we've finished development on Heirs to the Shogunate.

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I have a question that’s bugged me for a bit now: what sort of visual reference should be used for Ysyr? They have a distinct Melbipne vibe, but I’m unsure entirely what their corner of the dreaming sea looks like.
Our current thoughts for Ysyr's visual references are a mashup of Phoenicia/Carthage, France's Ancien Regime, and (as you mentioned) Michael Moorcock's Elric stories and the like. Weird fantasy overtones should show up throughout the Dreaming Sea, though other parts of the region can be expected to draw visual references from different real-world sources.