[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/31/2020
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How common are manses/desmenes? As in, roughly how many are in Creation?
We don't have specific numbers; the general rule of thumb is that they're common enough that it's not weird for your PC to control one and/or possess a hearthstone, but rare enough that there's competition for them.

In addition, their distribution is irregular; one huge swath of countryside might have none at all, while in another area there might be two or three so close together that they all fit within the same city. This helps to avoid worrying about whether the number of manses and demesnes in the area is "correct" or not.

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Also, do desmenes form under the ocean? It both feels weird to me for the West to have very few desmenes compared to the other 3 outer directions, and for a large chunk of the world's manses to be mostly inaccessible.
Demesnes can indeed form under the ocean, where they're very much accessible to the various undersea peoples who dwell there.