[#][F] The Demented One - 2/6/2020
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I have a question regarding Ox-Stunning Blow, falling hammer strike, and creatures of legendary size. Normal size characters normally don’t inflict onslaught on legendary size, Would falling hammer strike allow the penalty from an ox stunning blow to stay on a legendary size creature? Technically the onslaught still refreshes, but presumably it has to have some in order for it to refresh. Alternatively does OSB just not work on legendary size creatures because they don’t incur onslaught to begin with? (Barring being in a warstrider)
Ox-Stunning Blow still inflicts its penalty even if your attack doesn't inflict an onslaught penalty, and Falling Hammer Strike will likewise delay an enemy's onslaught refresh regardless of whether he currently has any penalty.

Short answer: the combo works.

Followup, would it be broken to make a solar charm that does allow a solar to inflict onslaught onto a legendary size opponent? I figure it wouldn’t be at the end of the day, but never hurts to get dev input on such a thing.
I think that'd be fine.