[#][F] The Demented One - 2/7/2020
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Sorry of asking twice here today but I had a few more question from my last session

1) When a PC/character is crashed and has to wait three turns to reset. Does the round in which there where crashed count into that??

Only thing a could find on the subject was this https://www.reddit.com/r/exalted/com...ound_counting/ but it gave no clean answer.
I read it as "your turn has to come up in the Initiative order three times over three rounds, and then the next time your turn comes up you reset."

2) I have seen some where that you can't be initaitve break*ed (broken?) on the turn in which you resets and the following turn after that. The first thing I know is true, but is it true about the following turn?
Not quite - you can still be crashed in the round that you reset, but if you're crashed in that round or the one after, your enemy doesn't get the five-point Initiative bonus for crashing someone (aka the Initiative Break).

3) Does the PC reset at the start of the third turn, at the start of the following turn? or at their on tick?
When their turn comes up, not at the start of the round.