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What is it about Umbals that make their play style, narratively or mechanically, compelling? I feel like I know the least about them because Hearteaters seem a fan-favorite already, and Dream-souls seem interesting because they’re so mysterious, relating to dreams or the Wyld and how Sidereala view them.

In what ways are Umbrals more than just people with an inner evil side or whatever?
The inner struggle has always been a compelling narrative, whether it's the classic literary conflict of Protagonist vs. Self or just the day-to-day existence of "I have to do this thing, but my brain is a horrible goblin shrieking at me, and I simply do not have the cope to thwack the goblin with a stick and shove it into a basement today." It's always had a prominent place in Exalted, with the Great Curse, but Umbrals spotlight that conflict even more, bringing it to the forefront of the play experience and integrating it throughout their Charms.