[#][F] The Demented One - 3/16/2020
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Two questions!

Question One: How do the charms Sound and Scent Banishing Attitude and Knowing Beyond Silence interact in a Join Battle roll? If you render yourself undetectable to hearing, it would seem that hearing-based charms are inapplicable, but Knowing Beyond SIlence has two strong arguments to the contrary:

(a) It's literally named Knowing Beyond SIlence
(b) The language, "This Charm can be used to enhance a Join Battle roll against a character whom the Exalt is listening for but cannot see" suggests that it does not matter whether the opponent can be heard, only that the Solar activating KBS is listening for them.

So, can Knowing Beyond Silence be used in zones of perfect silence or against opponents who cannot be heard, or does this otherwise powerful charm have a hard counter that cannot be stunted past?
I suspect the intent is that if your only enemy can't be heard at all, you can't use Knowing Beyond Silence on Join Battle, but that may be a bit too fiddly, so feel free to just handwave it.

Question Two: In a previous question, you clarified that you cannot elect to time the activation of reflexive scenelong charms simultaneously to build up anima. So, if I want to escalate, I can't use Monkey Leap Technique and Graceful Crane Stance at the same time to reach that 5m threshold. That leads me to ask, what about retroactive defensive charms?

(c) Someone targets me with an attack.
(d) I spend four motes of Dodge Excellency to raise Evasion by 2
(e) They roll precisely my Evasion in successes
(f) I use Drifting Leaf Elusion to dodge anyway.

Does the 1m cost of (f) stack with the 4m cost of (d) to result in a 5m spend, and anima escalation?
My inclination would be that pre-roll Charm usage and post-roll Charm usage are separate "instants" for the purposes of anima increasing.