[#][F] The Demented One - 3/17/2020
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This is an order of operations question for certain charms.

Say a lunar has a weapon with the piercing tag and also uses Armor Rending Claw Fist "Her withering attack ignores half an enemy’s armor soak."

Is the piercing applied first? E.G. Lunar Lionell is attacking Terrestrial Tom and tom has artifact articulated plate with 11 soak.

Does it go:
Halve from charm then Subtract from piercing resulting in (it doesn't say round up or down so) either 11/2=6 or 5 then piercing -4 = 2 or 1
Subtract piercing first 11-4 = 7 which is then charm divides by 2 to be 4 or 3 (depending on round up or down)

Use the standard order of operations—divide first, then subtract.