[#][F] The Demented One - 3/20/2020
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I don’t suppose you can tell us the different abyssal favored abilities? I remember Dusks getting ride unlike dawns for instance.
It's too early to be confident that the sets we currently have won't change between now and the Abyssals book.

Does this different caste abilities carry over to Infernals?
Infernal Caste Abilities diverge from their respective Solar Caste's Abilities moreso than the respective Abyssal Castes.

Have you worked out how infernals interact with sorcery differently then Solars and Lunars, the masters of sorcery and the witches respectively? I recall infernals having a warlock moniker
They can attain Solar Circle Sorcery and can have Charms that empower and interact with sorcery, like every other Exalt type, but they don't have (or really need) any unique system for that.