[#][F] The Demented One - 3/25/2020
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Question on Durability-Enhancing Technique vs Shattering Grasp.

Durability-Enhancing Technique increase the difficulty of damaging an object by or by the user's essence (whichever greater). But Shattering Grasp is kind of instantaneous to damage or break an item.

If an exalt wants to use Shattering Grasp on an item which has had its durability enhanced, what does the exalt roll? A standard craft roll? An essence roll to see if it can beat the essence difficulty? Or would it be a matter of saying that if an exalt wishes to use shattering grasp on an object with enhanced durability, does the exalt need to be of a higher essence of the exalt who strengthened the object to be able to break it?
Shattering Grasp isn't unrolled; destroying objects with it uses the rules for a crafting project, so you'd just increase the difficulty of that.